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Three women accuse the government of Zhejiang Wenling Court dismissed the govern

's Government has not appealed. Thus, the Court of First Instance ruling revoked Wenling Wenling city government awarded Li Zhengrong, Lin Xiangqin real estate license verdict today (September 14) has taken legal effect. Taiping Street, Wenling Li Ke Xing,[url=http://www.lostkeyclub.com/]christian louboutin[/url], WU Lian Li Zheng couples have fertility flowers, Lee Johnson,[url=http://www.airjordanretro.fr/category/air-jordan-pas-cher/]air jordan pas cher[/url], Li Zhengrong (son), Lizheng Lan, Li Zhengfei four daughters and a son. The couple co-owner of the town center is situated in the peaceful streets of May River Road House 2 floors of a 438 number, registration of ownership of real estate license can be artificially Li Xing,[url=http://www.respa.it/]hollister milano[/url], a total artificial WU Lian. WU Lian June 1996 death, Li Zhengrong in the fourth year of his mother's death in 1999, with his father, his wife,[url=http://www.getintoeurope.co.uk/mulberry-outlet/mulberry-clutch-bags]mulberry clutch bags[/url], Wenling city government made changes to the application for registration of ownership of the house, according to Li Zhengrong, who Wenling municipal application materials will There are people above the house WU Lian Li Zhengrong change of registration and his wife Lin Xiangqin to, and issued a new BOCs. Of course, this change is in the sole ownership of the people that Li Zhengrong father voluntarily change, is legally valid, since then,[url=http://www.corrsys-datron.it/italia-outlet/senza-categoria]abercrombie roma[/url], become the owner of the house three people. But in June 2000 shortly after, so Lee can rise and fall. In Li Zhengrong father's death on September 13 of the same year, Li Zhengrong, 林湘琴 and submit all relevant materials (including disclaims inheritance declaration Lee Johnson's) Wenling city hall to apply for registration of transfer of ownership housing, the city government after examination, in September 2000 May 22,[url=http://www.airjordanretro.fr/category/air-jordan-3/]air jordan 3[/url], 2011 issued a new BOCs to Li Zhengrong couple confirmed the warrant homeowners to Li Zhengrong,[url=http://www.airjordanretro.fr/category/air-jordan-5/]air jordan 5[/url], a total artificial Lin Xiangqin. June 22 this year, Li Zhengrong and Lin Xiangqin divorce, one party sued to Wenling court, Lin Xiangqin requires split registered in the name of the two houses of ownership. Li Zhengrong sister Lee flowers, Lizheng Lan, Li Zhengfei that the house since their father's death, without inheritance, acts against the government's certification of their legal rights. To this end,[url=http://www.collectifcreatif28.fr/louboutin-paris/christian-louboutin-soldes]christian louboutin soldes[/url], Wenling administrative proceedings to court on June 28, requesting revocation of Wenling municipal warrants issued by the town of Taiping room temperature Zi No. 071807 BOCs. The court held that because Li Zhengrong had applied twice before and after the change of the housing rights of man,[url=http://www.balsalud.com]holliste[/url], in his father's submission of a booklet of their family members have the registration, certification authorities should be aware of the situation heir of the house, When changes occur because home ownership succession of heirs became the basic content of the review. However,[url=http://www.kestarboots.com]cheap shoes[/url], prior to certification of Wenling city government and other content on the heir obvious lack of formal examination, in fact, missed three legal heirs. In other words, we should inherit this transfer ownership of the house to Li Zhengrong couple name, certification authorities must examine other heirs inherit statement material to give up, but Wenling city government certification authorities are not careful to heirs and comprehensive Review (submitted only Lee Johnson expressly waive inheritance statement), so there are three five heirs did not waive its right of inheritance, the city government should not be in accordance with law, upon examination procedures for the transfer of ownership. In addition, Li Zhengrong couple get real estate license for almost 10 years, said the three sisters now Wenling municipal administrative proceedings have exceeded the statute of limitations. This court held that,[url=http://www.airjordanretro.fr/category/air-jordan-retro/]air jordan retro[/url], in fact, the available evidence does not prove Lee Flowers, Lizheng Lan, Li Zhengfei already know the city government has issued a new real estate license, so that in their hearts, their parents' estate is still in no inheritance, no division of state ,[url=http://www.getintoeurope.co.uk/]mulberry handbags[/url], but they had never explicitly renounced his inheritance, so that the law shall be deemed to be accepted they inherited, and this house until it is still common in common. So,[url=http://www.getintoeurope.co.uk/mulberry-outlet/mulberry-daria]mulberry daria[/url], Lee Flowers, Lizheng Lan,[url=http://www.collectifcreatif28.fr/louboutin-paris/louboutin-rouge]louboutin rouge[/url], Li Zhengfei lawsuit does not exist beyond the statute of limitations issue because the statute of limitations period is three sisters clearly know their rights have been infringed within two years,[url=http://www.respa.it/]hollister outlet[/url], but the three sisters have been to have been unaware of their rights been infringed. In summary, the court held that the municipal real estate license issued by the facts as found wrong. To this end on August 20 this year, the decision to withdraw Wenling Municipal People's Government on September 22, 2000 issued warrants Taipingzhen room temperature Zi No. 071807 BOCs. (End)


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